Exterior Painting: What Should You Do Before Painting Your Exteriors

To keep your home looking fresh and current, you should change the exterior wall paint every few years. Exterior home painting is important because it creates a first impression. You need to take certain steps before you can answer the question about how to paint the exterior of a house.

You need to properly prepare the walls before you apply the first coat of paint to the exterior walls. This will ensure that the paint is applied correctly. If you don’t prepare your exterior walls prior to exterior home painting, it can lead to a poor paint job that will not last. Take a look at the steps that you should take to ensure a reliable house.

Plan the Exterior Building Painting Process

Plan all your painting requirements and needs before you begin the process of painting the exterior of your house. Depending on the time of year, you need to plan for the exterior painting in Christchurch process. Before you start painting the outside of the house, inspect the house and list all the defects. List down all the services and materials that you can choose from for home painting.

Use Water To Wash The Exterior Walls

It is essential to clean the exterior walls of the house before painting the exterior. This will ensure that the primer adheres properly and the new paint coat sticks well. Use a bucket and mug to clean exterior walls, or use a garden hose or pressure spray water pump. You can hire a pressure washing company to clean your home.

Remove Flaking Paint before Building Outside Painting

Remove any flaking or chipping paint that is visible on the wall by placing newspapers or dropcloths. Remove all loose paint on exterior walls with a paint scraper. By removing loose paint, you can ensure that your new paint is free of minor imperfections.

Sanding Exterior Walls

After all loose paint has been removed, begin sanding the exterior walls. The sanding will remove the old paint in a moderate manner and provide a smooth, even surface to apply the new paint. Before painting the outside of the house, use tools like an electric sander or a sanding blocks to sand the surface.

Repairing Exterior Gaps and Caulking Damages

Find any defects, such as cracked or damaged wood on the surface, and fix them immediately. Search for any gaps on the outside of the home, such as between the window frames. This can include overlapping wall surfaces or holes in the walls. Caulk these surfaces to prevent air and water from seeping through the openings. This can cause damage to the interior of your home.

How To Paint The Outside Of A House?

After you have prepared the exterior walls, you will need to decide how you want to paint your house. Start painting the house exterior from the top down to prevent drips and debris falling on the freshly painted coat. One of the exterior painting tips is to paint in the right conditions, such as in the shade and away from rain.


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