How to Hire a Carpet Cleaner to Spruce Up Your Floors

Our carpets are subjected to a lot of abuse in our homes. This includes spilled coffee and muddy footprints. We also see pet stains and general dirtiness. Hiring a professional cleaner will help restore your carpets to their original condition in no time. You’ll want to find a carpet cleaner with a good track record of providing excellent service for an affordable price.

If you have never used a carpet cleaner before, the task can be a bit daunting. We’ll show you how to pick the best carpet cleaners for guaranteed results.

Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

It’s vital to do some research on cleaning companies before you make any calls. This can mean the difference between an easy, quick process that produces outstanding results, and a lengthy, frustrating task that fails to restore your carpets back to their original state.

10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company

You can be assured that the carpet cleaners you hire will take care of your carpeting and keep it looking great.

Consider these tips when choosing the best carpet cleaner.

1. Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning are the most common methods of professional carpet cleaning. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to understand the one that your cleaning company will use.

Steam cleaning is more thorough but leaves your carpets unusable after a few hours. Dry carpet cleaning, on the other hand, uses chemicals you may want to avoid at home. However, your carpets will be dry and ready for use within an hour.

2. What You Need To Do

When choosing a carpet cleaner in Albany, consider what type of service you require. Some cleaners are experts at general cleaning like steam cleaning for removing dirt and odors. Others may specialize in stain removal from specific carpet materials. Before you hire a professional, discuss your expectations with them to ensure they are able to handle the job. Keep in mind the specific needs of your carpets and the expertise of the service providers in carpet cleaning services in Albany.

3. Background Checks

Some companies perform background checks before hiring employees, so you don’t have to worry about that. You’ll want to check out the reviews and qualifications of any carpet cleaners you are considering. You can check a company’s online history by reading testimonials and reviews on social media websites.

You should also talk to potential professionals and look at their qualifications prior to hiring. Inquire about the training of technicians employed by the company. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification’s Carpet Cleaning Technician Certificate is sufficient, since it is the most well-known and common training school in the cleaning and restoration industries.

4. Contracts

Ask about the contract in advance. Never hire a carpet cleaning company that does not provide written terms. This protects you both and prevents future misunderstandings. If the job is lengthy or will require multiple days, be sure to put in writing any details, such as payment plans or installments.

5. Pricing

The average cost of carpet cleaning is $180 for a single room. However, if you have multiple rooms to clean or need to remove stubborn stains, the total price could be $500 or higher. Talk to your professional about how much the job will cost.

6. Experience

We recommend choosing a carpet cleaning company that has at least five to ten years of experience. A more experienced company will not only have a smoother scheduling and hiring process, but will also be able to tell when certain cleaning methods are best.

An experienced carpet cleaner, for example, may be aware that dry carpet cleaning is not suitable for delicate carpets, because the chemicals could damage them. Professionals with less experience may not be as foresighted.

7. Cleaning Process

Ask your carpet cleaner how they will do the job, regardless of the method. Steam cleaning can take up to four hours, depending on the amount of stain removal. Be sure to ask your cleaner what they will do and how long the process will take.

8. Preparation

You might also need to prepare the room before the carpet cleaner arrives. Be sure to discuss this with them beforehand. You might also need to:

  • Secure your pets in an area that is secluded.
  • Remove all furniture from the space.
  • Vacuum your carpet.
  • Remove valuables or delicate decor from the room.
  • Remove all floor-length window coverings.

9. Guarantees

You can have peace of mind knowing that some carpet cleaners offer satisfaction guarantees. This is especially useful if your carpets have heavy stains or odors. Ask about any satisfaction or cleanliness warranties before you hire so you can be sure you won’t have to pay extra charges.

10. Eco-Friendliness

Ask your professional if the dry carpet cleaners they use are eco-friendly. You may want to use a cleaner with less caustic and abrasive chemicals if you’re planning on getting dry carpet cleaning services. Steam cleaning uses only hot water so the environment is not a factor.

Red Flags to Look Out For When Hiring Carpet Cleaners

Some carpet cleaners are more professional than others. Consider these red flags when choosing a carpet cleaner:

  • Vague quotes: Transparent pricing is a good sign that the professional intends to increase costs after services have begun.
  • Poor or untimely communication: You can bet that the rest of the service process will be frustrating and filled with delays if a professional takes a very long time to reply to a request for service.
  • Low ratings online: You should read both positive and negative reviews to determine the quality of service that a company provides.
  • Suspiciously low fees: You should ask why a company is offering a low estimate for your project. You can either assume that the company is trying to charge you more money for “add-on” services or carpet cleaning that other companies offer, or that they are not professionals.
  • Wanting to do the work with no contract: You should question why a professional only works with verbal agreements and avoids contracts. Get quotes and descriptions of the work you need to complete in writing. This will help to avoid any miscommunications and disagreements down the line.
  • Uninsured carpet cleaning companies: Professional contractors should be insured. This protects both the contractor and you in case of injury or an emergency.

Verify that the company is licensed to operate in your state. Ask about the insurance coverage of the company. Workers’ compensation and liability coverage are standard.

Questionnaire To Ask Your Carpet Cleaner

You can determine the quality of your carpet by asking relevant questions. Here are five questions you should ask your carpet cleaners before hiring them.

What is included in the Cleaning Service Package?

Most cleaning services should include the following five methods of cleaning:

1. Dry soil removal: Vacuuming thoroughly to remove all dry substances from carpet fibers

2. Soil suspension: Removes soils using a high quality pre-treatment substance

3. Steam cleaning (soil extraction): Removes soils with a hot water extraction machine.

4. Grooming : removes matting, and spreads cleaning agents throughout the carpet

5. Drying: Carpet should be allowed to dry for at least six to eight hours

Is The Price Quote Inclusive Of Special Treatments?

Pre-treatment is used to remove pet stains and treat high traffic areas. These extras are often only available at an additional cost. Be sure to ask what the cost will be.

Can You Move My Furniture?

Furniture moving is not included in carpet cleaning unless specifically requested. Asking is not a bad idea, as it can save you both time and injury.

Do You Plan to Finish Cleaning with a pH Low or Neutral Treatment?

Many cleaning companies use cleaners with high pH levels on carpets. These cleaners are effective, but they attract dirt, which can cause them to soil quickly and leave a gritty or sticky feeling. A high pH can damage the carpet fibers, reducing its lifespan. Ask the technician if they will neutralize or lower the pH level after cleaning the carpet to avoid any problems.

What Is Your Guarantee On The Work You Do?

Good carpet cleaners should offer a guarantee. You may find that stains return or you develop new problems. If this occurs, you will want to know what options you have. Ask about the warranty period so you know when to call if anything goes wrong.

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company

Get everything in writing before service begins. Be sure that it is in line with what you want and expect. You can add a clause that says you won’t pay until after the work is done and you are satisfied with the outcome.

You should also know what is included in the cleaning service. Also, you need to be aware of your options if you are not happy with the results.

Ask what you need to do before the service to prepare the space.

When Your Carpet Cleaner Has Completed

Check the rooms after your carpet cleaner has finished cleaning them to ensure that everything is as you expected. Pay special attention to areas that are stained, matted or smelling.

Ask your cleaner for the time you should keep furniture and foot traffic away from the carpet in order to ensure proper drying. You may need to wait anywhere between an hour and 24 hours depending on the method of cleaning.

Tipping for carpet cleaning isn’t expected. If you are happy with the job, or if the professional went the extra mile to remove a stubborn stain, you can tip the carpet cleaner between $10 and $20. To show your appreciation, you can leave a positive review on social media and review websites.

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